Sessions in English

Αs the main means of communication during psychotherapy sessions is language, it is important for one to feel comfortable to express themselves in a language they’re comfortable with. Being an English native speaker I may accommodate the request to perform our sessions in English. My therapeutic orientation is that of Daseinsanalysis (Existential Psychoanalysis) which is an existential approach to psychotherapy based on the premises of philosophy (Martin Heiddegger) and psychoanalysis (Sigmund Freud), but also drawing inspiration from poetry and art. The distinguishing characteristic of Existential Psychoanalysis is its emphasis on the openness and complexity of the human existence, rendering it a genuine and personalized experience with aim to approach an authentic and freed way of being. Services include psychoanalytic, psychotherapeutic and counseling sessions for adolescents (16-18 years old) and adults in person or via skype.